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Stevie Ray

Name:   Stevie Ray
DOB:   8/29/79
Zodiac:   Virgo
Profession:   Cabbie/writer
Education:   AA Northwest Film Center, ACI field tech, school of hard knocks

Favorite film:   The Big Sleep
Favorite Book:   Lonesome Dove
Favorite Album:   White Light/White heat

 Interest Include:   Existentialism, pie, astronomy, vinyl, the deep woods, film-noir, green-eyed girls, David Lynch, hot springs, camping, camping near hot springs, poetry, pizza.

Life goals: To write, produce and direct a series of low budget movies.

Stevie Ray enjoys early morning sunrise on the way to the airport. He is available 4am - 4pm Saturdays through Wednesdays. You can reach him directly at 541-668-0181 or through the dispatch line at 541-810-0188.

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